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It is hard to find available job positions in foreign countries. Our company is specialized in finding the workforce for Estonian enterprises.

Many different opportunities.

We mostly use the rental workforce. That means that if you wish, your career could be very versatile as you can work in many different fields.

Get contacts in EU.

We are described as a good stepping stone for those who want to start their life in the EU. At first, we provide work, contacts language practise - so later you can manage here on your own.

Earn more.

The average salary in Estonia is nearly 5 times larger than in Ukraine and Estonian companies value hard-working employees.

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    We care about our workers, we really do

    A self-confident worker is a happy and effective worker who motivates others with his let's-get-things-done attitude.


    We will find you a job that uses your strengths and gives you the means to develop them.


    Together, we keep an eye on your goals so that your work has meaning and you have opportunities to hone your skills.


    We support our workers with financial matters to relieve stress and to increase a sense of security.

    A large selection of companies

    We have over 300 partner companies who would like to rent or employ highly motivated foreign workers.

    Frequently asked questions

    The salary calculations are based on working hours. The hours are counted and after confirmation, the salary is transferred to the bank account requested.

    The payments are due on the 10th day of every month, except when agreed otherwise in the contract.

    In general, the terms are the same as in a regular employment contract. The contract enacts that we are allowed to send you to work for other companies.

    In rental terms, we agree that you will start working for our client, but you will always receive your salary payments from Rent My Skills Group OÜ.

    Knowing the local language is, of course, a great benefit. However, not knowing the language is not an obstacle. We choose the job according to the employee’s skills and wishes.

    Most Estonians can speak English as a second language and a large part of the employers was born during the Soviet era, thus speaking Russian as well. 

    To test your language skills, we claim the right to speak with you in a foreign language for a couple of minutes to determine your average level of proficiency in that language.

    • honesty
    • sense of duty
    • good skill set
    • as good language skills as possible
    • diligence
    • punctuality (with date and time)
    • politeness

    Usually, the applying process takes about 1-3 weeks, but there have been delayed cases due to one party or the other.

    We will find you a job, that has meaning, opportunities to develop your skills and use your strengths. 

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      Upload your CV, if you have one (PDF)