With us you see further ahead

For many jobs it’s hard to find local workforce. An employee from Ukraine will be happy to come and do the job because the average salary here for him is huge.

Focus on what's important

Focus on your main job and don’t spend hours and days on finding employees. Leave that up to us.

A motivated employee

Unlike the regular worker who lives from payday to payday, a Ukrainian worker comes here to work. His goal is to take home as much money as possible so his free time will be filled with working not spending the money.

The wolfpack effect

Usually a motivated worker rubs off on others too, nobody wants to look bad compared to the Ukrainian workers.

Call or write to us


    Reach out to us and let us know what kind of employees you need.


    We’ll come to an agreement about the length of the rent period, the conditions and salary.

    Recruit from Ukraine? Why?

    According to the Statistics Office in the year 2019, the unemployment rate is at the lowest of this century – only 3.9%.

    For the employer, that means it’s hard to find new employees because most of the active CV portal users are ‘’knowingly unemployed’’. Usually, a good employee is already hired somewhere else and is not actively looking for other job opportunities.

    That creates a situation where just offering a job isn’t enough. You have to offer a better job, better conditions, and a better salary.

    To offer a person all these things, you have to find the potential employee first. But how to find an employee who is not looking for a job?

    Maybe it’s reasonable to think about using a foreign workforce?

    Recruitment service from Ukraine brings you motivated Ukrainian workers, who are more than happy to work in Estonia because our salaries are much higher.

    There is a false impression in society that you can only find manual laborers from Ukraine. The economy of the war-torn country is in a difficult situation and there are a lot of engineers and specialists in their field that is looking for a job abroad.

    In order to find employees from Ukraine, it is important that you have local partners who can find suitable employees through their network of connections. We have the necessary partners.

    Also, we will help you with the paperwork that comes with hiring a Ukrainian worker.

    There are three options in a successful recruitment service:

    Rent & hire

    We find a suitable worker whom you can use as a rental worker at first. If everything goes well you can hire him after paying the recruitment fee.

    Rent for a year & Hire

    We find you an employee whom you can use as a rental worker all year. If you like the employee you can hire him after that for free, no recruitment fee etc.


    We find the best candidates for the job from whom you can pick out the candidate that fits best for you.

    We have helped over 300 smaller and bigger businesses all over Estonia and Scandinavia solve their shortcomings regarding finding personnel