Contact us and inform us about the positions you need employees for.


We will agree on the length of the rent period, number of employees, the pay and all other contract details.

Why is workforce rental relevant for a 21st century entrepreneur?

Focus on the important

Renting workforce helps you focus on the priorities and your main job, without spending countless hours on trying to find employees, whom eventually you might not find.

Ground the risk

We only charge a fee when all the contracted circumstances agreed upon are met. However when looking for employees by yourself, no one will reimburse you for the time cost when failed.

Hire an employee

If you feel that our rental employee is an irreplaceable part of your collective, you can hire him long term.

Be efficient

Workforce rental helps you regulate the size of the collective according to your needs. Oversupply and shortage of employees both inhibit the efficiency of the business.

Times where the employer had to do everything by themselves are over. Looking at modern businesses you can clearly see how services are bought and/or rented to guarantee maximum efficiency and to reduce one’s workload.

An accountant send the bill at the end of the month; IT-worker comes to help when called; a storage area is guarded by a security company; a car park is ran by a full-service rental and the entrepreneur doesn’t have to physically buy, sell, maintain or swap cars. Sounds convenient?

Why not do the same with workforce rental? Rent My Skills is created to make your life easier. We will find suitable employees for your company, that meet your needs and demands. For that let us know which kind of employees are needed so that we can prove to you that we are an operative and trustworthy partner for your business.

We are not the largest workforce rental company in Estonia, but we are working twice as hard to make it become a reality.

We care about our employees

Thoughtful work, an opportunity to develop and a sense of security motivate the employee and make his work more efficient.


We try our best to find you a job that you enjoy and where you can apply your strengths and develop them.


We keep an eye on the improvements of the employees and create them opportunities to reach their goals.


A firefighter saves lives, a teacher educates future generations- they all are committed, because they understand the influence of their work.


We support our employees in managing their finances and advise them to reduce stress and create stability and a sense of security.

Workforce rental has helped over 300 bigger and smaller businesses all over Estonia and Scandinavia solve the problem of workforce shortage.