With us you can see things further

For a lot of positions it is hard to find local workforce. However workers from Ukraine are happy to do the job because the salaries are much bigger compared to the ones in Ukraine.

Focus on the important

Focus on your main job without spending hours and days on trying to find employees that you may not find. Leave that up to us.

A motivated worker

A Ukrainian comes to Estonia to work. His goal is to take home as much money as possible, therefore he is motivated and focused on the job.

The wolfpack effect

Usually a hard-working Ukrainian infects others with their diligence. Nobody wants to be worse than them and possibly lose their job.

Call or Write to us


    Contact us and let us know which positions workers are needed for.


    We will agree on the length of the rental period, number of employees, conditions and the salary.

    Who can you rent through us?

    Through us, you can rent regular workers and professionals in their field, men and women. In addition to Ukranian workforce, you can also rent employees from other countries.

    We will find, or at least do our best to find Ukrainian workers for any and every business that needs diligent, hardworking people in their corporation.

    There is no 100% guarantee that we will succeed, but we do everything in our power to become long-term business partners with you.

    For how long can I rent workforce from Ukraine?

    A short-term job can be registered for up to 365 days in 455 day period.

    For a short-term seasonal job, you can be registered for up to 270 days in 1 year’s period.

    A short-term job can also be registered for a longer period of time, when it comes to teaching, working as a teacher, working on science-related activities, being a top-level specialist in your field or working in a startup company.

    We have helped solve problems with finding personnel for over 300 smaller and bigger businesses all over Estonia and Scandinavia.