Recruit smart

The suitable employee may not be actively looking for job offers, but if we take the right kind of offer to them, they will be ready to change jobs.

Money-back guarantee

You only pay, when we find you an employee that fits your wishes. This is your guarantee, that our goal is to find an employee that meets your demands.

Focus on what's important

Calls from candidates, that mostly come at bad times, distract you from working. In the process of searching for the personnel we separate the best candidates in early phases and only present to you our best candidates.

Save your nerves

When planning your day you don’t have to think about a 2 o’clock interview that might get canceled last minute.

Call or write to us


    Reach out to us and let us know what position do you need to get filled.

    Recruitment service? Why?

    According to the Statistics Office on year 2019 the unemployment rate is at the lowest of this century- only 3.9%.

    For the employer, that means it’s hard to find new
    employees because most of the active CV portal users are ‘’knowingly unemployed’’. Usually, a good employee is already hired somewhere else and is not actively looking for other job opportunities.

    That creates a situation where just offering a job isn’t enough. You have to offer a better job, better conditions, and a better salary.

    To offer a person all these things, you have to find the potential employee first. But how to find an employee who is not looking for a job?

    The first thing that usually comes to mind is your own circle of friends, relying on someone from them to fill in the position. When that doesn’t work out, it’s reasonable to use a professional service of searching for the workforce. 

    Our recruitment service reaches out even to those who are not looking for a job.  For that, we use different sources, starting from social media to our recruiters’ network.

    Some corporations have a special department that is completely focused on recruiting employees. But success-minded entrepreneurs have understood that it’s easier to use a professional service for finding workers and paying the fare based on the results.

    Finding personnel with us is easy- we map out the requirements the candidate has to meet and you only pay when we have found you a suitable employee. In CV portals you pay hundreds of euros for keeping your job advertisements up but nobody can guarantee you any results.

    Finding an employee by yourself is like cutting down a dangerous tree in your backyard, hoping the wind is from the right side and the tree won’t mess up your roof. It’s more reasonable to use professional help.

    Examples of the opportunities in personnel search:


    Through our own connections we will find a suitable employee for you and organize a meeting with the representative of your company. If the employee fits, then you need to pay the recruitment fee and you are free to hire the employee.

    Rent & HIRE

    We find you a suitable employee whom you can first use as a rental worker and if the person fits you can hire him to your company.


    We find suitable candidates from abroad whom you can either rent or hire, for positions that need to be filled.

    We have helped over 300 smaller and bigger businesses all over Estonia and Scandinavia solve their shortcomings regarding finding personnel.